Monday, January 26, 2015

Modere Beauty Box: Antioxidant Gel & Dual Action Eye Gel

This is the last posting in my series on Modere skincare and haircare products.  In case you missed it I reviewed the Modere Beauty Box's Antioxidant Hair Serum, Exfoliant & Anti-Aging Serum.  They're great products and I've really enjoyed incorporating them into my routine for the past month.

The last two products I want to share are the last two steps to any solid skincare routine.  First, the Antioxidant Gel is a great follow-up after the Anti-Aging Serum.  I love that it's a gel, I've never used a product like this before, and I'm finding I really like the consistency.  This product is an alternative to a cream/ moisturizer, honestly I was a little weary at first.  The gel is very lightweight and you can tell it does its job of penetrating the skin, it doesn't feel sticky and absorbs nicely.  Since the feeling is quite different than that of a moisturizer, I can only really compare it to how your skin feels once you've applied a primer. 

The last Modere product I've been using is the Dual Action Eye Gel.  I typically use roller balls for my eyes, I love the cooling feeling and overall it's just so much easier to use.  I wish this gel was more in that form, it makes life much easier when you're in a hurry.  Aside from that the Dual Action Eye Gel feels really good, it's nice and cool which aids with depuffing.  It also helps with wrinkles, lines, and dark circles.  Luckily I'm only preventing these issues, I don't actually have them, yet.  

Overall I've really enjoyed using the Modere skincare line.  I think the Antioxidant Gel and Dual Action Eye Gel were my favorite products, I found them both unique and I would highly consider purchasing the Antioxidant Gel.  Subscription boxes are all the rage now, and I think it's awesome to have a skincare subscription service like this that has such a high quality.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Fab Five

Thursday's Fab Five

First Fab Five of 2015!

I never use Victoria Secret Perfume, but I had this and figured I might as well use it up.  It's super fresh which I love, and the fruit tones meld well together, it's not overly sweet smelling at all. 

This purple burgundy color is currently on my nails, and loving it.  It's a perfect winter color.

Got this for free in my Black Friday bag.  A Thousand Wishes had a huge push with Bath & Body Works during the holiday, and now that I think about it I don't remember ever smelling it in the store.  The scent, in my opinion, is kind of fruity and kind of nutty.  It's described as a champagne, peony, and almond creme blend- which doesn't sound all that spectacular, but I promise it all works out quite well!

Hilarious.  I'm a huge Andy Cohen fan and loved his first book Most Talkative.  Although it's a totally different format, The Andy Cohen Diaries delivers just as much funny.  Tons of name dropping which I love.

This is from my Birchbox a few months back.  It's an overall great eye makeup remover, especially for my waterproof mascara.  I cannot stand eye makeup removers that feel greasy, this one feels surprisingly refreshing after I use it, almost in a toner-like way.  Currently on backorder through Birchbox, everyone must be loving it as much as I am!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Modere Beauty Box: Exfoliant & Anti-Aging Serum

Yesterday I posted about beauty subscription service Modere and their Antioxidant Hair Serum {click link for post!}.

Today I'm focusing on the Modere Exfoliant and Anti-Aging Serum, two products I've been using on a regular basis for the past month.

First, the Exfoliant is a great product to eliminate dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin.  While the formula feels very smooth and not too abrasive I found the beads in this exfoliant to be a little large for my taste, I need to be careful with the exfoliants I choose because of my rosacea.  However, I love the suggestion on the tube of using it as a before shave exfoliant, and that's exactly what I've been doing.

I've been using the Anti-Aging Serum nightly after cleansing.  I'm serum obsessed, so I was very excited to get this product in my routine.  I've been using anti-aging products for quite some time now, you're never too young to start, and type of ingredients in them pack such a stronger punch to great skin.  The Modere Anti-Aging Serum has a great consistency and absorbs quickly into my skin.  My complexion is bright after using it and stickiness hasn't been a concern.  That's my least favorite part about some serums, luckily it's not a concern with this one.

Shop the Modere Exfoliant {$12.99} & Anti-Aging Serum {$23.99}, here!

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Modere Beauty Box: Antioxidant Hair Serum

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a subscription box service, Modere, to try out their beauty box.  After looking up Modere I was more than happy to explore what they had to offer!  Modere sent me five products, all of which I have been using on almost a daily basis.  This is the first post in a series of 3, so stay tuned!

Before I get into the first product, the Antioxidant Hair Serum, let me just say I loved the packaging of my Modere products.  The box the products came in was very sophisticated looking, and I think it's awesome that in addition to the full size products, they also gave travel-sized versions as well!  Genius.

The winter can have such a harsh effect on your hair, especially if you have super long color-treated hair like mine.  Shampoos and conditioners can do wonders to help keep hair healthy and shiny but a great hair serum is seriously what you need to protect and strengthen during this time of year.

I've been having great success with Modere's Antioxidant Hair Serum for a little over a month now.  I've been using it almost daily to tame any fly-aways/ frizz, and it's great at detangling smoothing my hair after straightening.

The key ingredient in the Antioxidant Hair Serum is kuki oil, which seals the hair cuticle, preventing breakage and split ends.  Other ingredients include argan and jojoba seed oil, which are known to do wonders for hair.

Overall the Antioxidant Hair Serum aims to keep hair hydrated, nourished, shiny, and strong, and based off of my use of it I think it's done a great job at all of those!  I worry with hair serums sometimes, they can be great and then all of a sudden your hair is a grease ball and so yucky- thankfully that has never happened once with this product!  The key to using a hair serum correctly is to use the tiniest bit, it's perfect because it helps your product last longer, and you're not ruining your hair by using too much.  Win-win.

Stay turned for my next post about Modere's skincare products!!

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! & Other Chic Things

I hope you all had a glamorous and over-the-top holiday season and Happy New Year!  Now, it's back to business of trying to juggle teaching 2nd grade and blogging.  Oy.  I have lots of personal, professional, and business goals for this year- all written down and ready to be WORKED on.

This Christmas was so great, I'm so lucky to have an amazing family and fabulous friends, and I am so incredibly thankful for all I received.

Ms. Claus, an incredibly intelligent woman, really outdid herself this year.  This Michael Kors watch was a complete surprise!  I love that it's not your typical style, it's perfect arm candy.

Christmas Haul 1

I love having throw blankets all around my apartment, Ms. Claus got me an amazing Pottery Barn Cozy Cable Knit Throw last year, which I'm obsessed with.  This year the newest throw added to my collection is the Anthropologie Confetti Throw, which is absolutely incredible.  She also remembered my affinity for a great robe, and I added another Pottery Barn robe to my collection.

My best friend, Heather, bought me the most beautiful Anthropologie wine glasses, 4 white and 4 red in this beautiful Paris box, with super cute cocktail napkins.  The wine glasses are so incredibly gorgeous I cannot deal.  She also completely restored and glammed up an old cart my mom had...Heather is so talented I can't even begin to explain.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?!?! My new bar cart, and the sentimental value makes it the absolute best.  I just loved how she presented this, I had no words.  Her family also got me a super cute pair of black fingerless Michael Kors gloves.  I'm a glove hoard...because I'm always so scared of losing them.

Every girl needs a super chic calendar, so I'm happy to hang this Anthropologie Travel the World 2015 calendar above my desk.  {All sold out, ah!}  My aunt and uncle gave me a Keurig, which I seriously needed for work, I cannot wait to have it in classroom.  Andddd, I've been dying for a crock-pot so my aunt got me one!  Yay soups and stews!

A multitude of beauty products [not all pictured] and two Alex & Ani bracelets were also under the tree- one for the Power of Positivity and the other a Paw Print charm...so perfect.

Christmas Haul 2

My Dad sent me a hugeeee box a couple of weeks ago filled with ridiculously fun things.  Anything Hello Kitty is something I will adore, and that ginormous PEZ is something I had never seen before!  I also got a ton of stickers for my kids, which is very helpful.  I never understood the whole 'I WANT A STICKER' thing, but it's very real.  I wish I could find a picture of the butterfly Mercedes cup holder inserts my Dad gave me as well, but I cannot find them anywhere online.  I just got my car detailed a few days ago, so now I won't feel bad about putting them in the cup holders...it was pretty awful before the detail.  Never again.

Christmas Haul 3

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