Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Store of the Week: New York and Company

To be honest, I used to always view New York and Company as a mom store and I didn't plan on shopping there until I was 40.  HOWEVER, one day I decided to go in and look for a business casual outfit and ended up finding MUCH more than that.  Now, I'm completely addicted to NY&CO-- their clothes are affordable and they carry all the basics (ex. all my tanks are NY&CO) that you can add to with less mom-like stores.

I'm sure you're wondering what made me instantly change my mind.  Well, let's start with the prices...$9.95 for leggings. PERFECT. They aren't cheaply made and come in a variety of colors.  They also carry different styles of leggings, knit jeggings for example, which are perfect for the cold weather.  I also have an amazing pair of leggings with lace going all the way up the side, but they were sold out online instantly. 

Another point for NY&CO, jewelry is always buy one, get one 50% off (right now it's 75% off!!!!!!). What could be better than that?!? (nothing.) I love love love their rings.  Here is one of my favorites on the website right now:

I've always had good luck with their bracelets as well.  I'll most likely be purchasing this one in the near future: 

Not only does NY&CO naturally have great prices but when you sign up to receive emails, I kid you not, they literally THROW amazing deals at you.  Just yesterday I got an email for $70 off $150.  Pair that with the jewelry deal and other offers on the site, you'll save SO MUCH MONEYYY ITS REDIC!!!  Also, you can save 10% if you're a AAA member (in-store only) which always helps too!!

I def suggest going to a store as opposed to shopping online, they have way more options on the floor than on the website for both clothing and accessories.  I'm SO happy I randomly went into this store-- if they looked as though they catered to younger people I can only imagine how much more popular it'd be!!

Going on right now: Buy one pair of pants (including jeans) at full price and get a second pair for $10...yes, $10. 

Happy shopping!

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