Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Email Me: Vital Juice

I decided to write today's post about one of my favorite email subscriptions, Vital Juice!  I have been subscribed to Vital Juice for well over a year now, I can't remember how I signed up for it or where I first saw it, but I do know that it is a tremendous help with keeping me on a healthy track!!

Okay so, what exactly is Vital Juice you ask??? WELL, it is a daily email full of important information from fitness, beauty, and nutrition.  Basically, it covers all things wellness which everyone, especially young women, should incorporate in their lives!  Let me break it down-- everyday I receive an email that covers some aspect of wellness, sometimes it's an article, video of a workout from a famous trainer, a yummy and healthy recipe, or other times it's small excerpts from a new fitness or beauty book (sometimes they give you a discount code)!! I can honestly say I have loved every single email I've gotten from Vital Juice.  On Friday's they send a newsletter with a compilation of various articles from reputable websites, I love it because it gives me new ideas and further expands my knowledge about healthy living.

Vital Juice covers important aspects of wellness I might not necessarily look up on the internet.  For example, I just bought a book, "Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm" which Vital Juice recommended in an email.  This book aims to help solve beauty issues such as the question posed in the title, how long you should keep your makeup, and what drugstore products work as well as salon or department products.  I love talking about stuff like this and I probably wouldn't have known about this book if it wasn't for Vital Juice!!

Vital Juice also caters to certain cities, I'm signed up for the "everywhere" newsletter but they have newsletters specifically for NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, and LA.  They also have a newsletter for moms, and one for healthy recipes.

Another great plus to Vital Juice-- their YouTube videos!! VitalJuiceVideos has some great workout and yoga videos.  They're all fun, and not particularly long, so it's fun to try them out!!

Lastly, I'm super excited about the newly announced Vital Juice Deals, which works just like Groupon.  Today was the kickoff of the program, $70 (normally $200) for 2 months of an online personal training program designed by famed personal trainer Jackie Warner.  Good deal, right?!?!  I'm super excited for future deals, Vital Juice promotes a lot of cleanses (sometimes they're a tad expensive) so I'm sure they'll have some great deals for some in the future and I can't wait to try them.

To get an idea about the type of information Vital Juice emails, here are some articles that were in last Friday's email!! 

All of these articles cover an array of topics, all of which I love.  Sign up for Vital Juice today, I can promise you they won't disappoint.  I seriously look forward to reading what they send everyday!!

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