Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clean Those Brushes!

Clean. Your. Makeup. Brushes.

Seriously, this cannot be stressed enough!  It's so crucial to clean your makeup brushes...and often.  I'm not gonna lie, I'm not always so perfect when it comes to thoroughly washing them every week like you're supposed to.  BUT, I do spot clean them constantly with the Sephora cleansing wipes.  I love these wipes and they're so handy to have around.  For example, if I'm using dark shadows, I don't want to mix those dark colors with my neutral ones the next day...duhhh...and it gets rid of any potential bacteria brewing about.
Photo: Sephora.com

There are abuncha reasons backing up constant brush cleaning...bacteria being the most obvious and yuck.  This bacteria can cause mayjahhhh breakouts -- especially on concealer brushes that were used on a breakout.  Also, if you don't wash your brushes, or at least use wipes on them often, you're mixing up colors and you may not get the results you want...which would be sad.
Photo: Sephora.com

Now, there are different ways to wash your brushes.  You can use any mild shampoo on them, I like to use the Sephora purifying brush shampoo.  It has an anti-bacterial in it which is super important, and it's very gentle which is alsooooo veryyyy important to make sure the bristles on the brush are a-okay through washing.

Some quick tips
-Don't use too much cleanser, you don't want to have any excess dry up in the brush
-Always point the brush down while washing it, water can get into the brush handle, which isn't cool and will ruin the brush
-Don't play with the bristles too much, move them around enough to get out all the makeup and clean them, but try to do this while keeping the shape of the brush
-Hang your brushes off the side of a counter...you don't want to dry them on a towel, I've read that mildew can build up in them if you do this...yuckyyy  

After writing all this, I'm gonna go clean my brushes now!!


  1. Great post! And thanks for reminding me that I need to clean my brushes soon. I try to clean my brushes once a week, but I sometimes get lazy.. :/
    I use Johnson&Johnson baby shampoo. It's cheap and easy!
    Thanks for the post!


  2. I get lazy sometimes too which is why those wipes come in handy!!

  3. Great tips! I always forget to wash my brushes, but you're right - it's so important. Maybe if I buy some of those wipes it will keep me motivated to clean them more regularly.