Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Luxe Club One

I wanna share a website with you that I think is amazing and super helpful.  It's called Luxe Club One and it's a daily email (and also a website) compiling what all the sample sale websites are featuring for the day, as well as what other websites are featuring deep designer discounts.  I've been signed up for several years now, and within the last year they completely reformatted their website and email making it even easier to navigate, AND including new and fun things to explore such as their blog, photo spreads from fashion magazines all over the world, and fashion articles.

I get a million emails from all the sample sites each day, but I usually ignore them and just read Luxe Club One to see which are the best, in addition to all of the other sales around the web I wouldn't normally think to look for.  I also love that they separate what each website has into different categories (i.e. apparel, accessories, home, footwear).  They list what brand is being featured, and then what website it's on. 

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  1. that is so cool... I'm def gonna check it out! Ur too kind for sharing <3