Thursday, September 1, 2011

MAC Prep and Prime

I've been using MAC's Prep and Prime Translucent Finishing Powder for about a year, and I'm loving it!  You use this powder when setting your makeup..it reduces shininess and gives a nice overall finish to your look.  It basically just seals everything in so your makeup doesn't crease, move, etc.

This product is perfect with anyone who has oilier skin...it seriously reduces shine which is why I'm so obsessed with it.  Another reason why I love it...it disappears and blends perfectly in with any skin tone and any amount of makeup.  You don't have to worry about it leaving a white finish or spots...as long as you blend it it'll be unnoticeable!  

 It has a super fine texture which allows it to blend easily and not be noticeable whether or not you have fine lines, large pores, etc.  Andddd, it'll make your skin feel super silky.  However, I did read in some places that if you have dry skin this may not be the product for you since the purpose is to control shine, which therefore may dehydrate the skin slightly.

Added bonus...if you feel like going bare-faced you can just put on some moisturizer and then apply this over it.  It'll give you a fresh and super natural look!

You can order this online, or buy it at any MAC store or department store location!


  1. I've been eyeing this for awhile now, torn between this and the MUFE HD powder. Do you find the powder blows everywhere when you try to apply it? Also, how does it look in pics?
    Awesome post!!

  2. I apply it with a fan brush mostly to my T-zone and around my chin area. I don't think it blows everywhere it stays pretty well on the fan brush. It's not an HD powder so it won't show up in pictures, trust me. HD powders are best if you're doing a video, it can come up differently in pictures so keep that in mind if you get the MUFE!

  3. This sounds great! I usually just use a Neutrogena translucent powder to set my make-up, but I like that this cuts down on oil too.


  4. This looks amazing! BTW I just wanted to let you know my husband is selling his frankens and would love to make you some!