Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Manicure Time..Chanel Blue Rebel

You can't see it too well but I had OPI Navy Shatter on my nails last week over a Sephora by OPI beige-y color. Loved it.

A few weeks ago I posted on the new Chanel Jean nail lacquer line, which is only being sold for a month.  My favorite was Blue Rebel, and I ordered it right when they went on sale...duh.  WELL, I finally found the time to get my nails done this weekend in between meetings and chemistry notes.  I'm loving every single thing there is to love about this color.  It's a great fall transition, and I think it just looks ahhhhmazingg.

Chanel Blue Rebel is super chic, and I think everyone should get it before it's gone forever!  If you're interested in purchasing, click here!


  1. Because of Chanel, "denim" nail polish is a trend this season. Can't to buy mine this weekend and try it on :)



  2. hiya, you posted on my discussion thing on elleandblair, so i had a look at your blog - i love it :)
    this colour is gorgeous, and i love all your posts on NYFW, im going to follow you. :D

    follow back?

    xoxo - hannah.

  3. Looks great on you! Not sure if it would be a good color for me, but I love anything Chanel!


  4. Fantastic color. I'll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

    Stay Beautiful,