Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New JewelMint Baubles!!

My monthly credits at JewelMint for some reason slipped my mind in between finals, work, and the holidays a couple months ago.  So, I was very excited to see three credits in my account when I logged on a few weeks ago!  These are the two pieces I picked out, once again I loved my selection to choose from and now that I have them, the pieces look great!  If you're unfamiliar with JewelMint, check out this past post where I explained this now extremely popular jewelry of the month club!  Last time I showed a JewelMint piece was back in September, you can check out that piece, the Savoy Bracelet, here!!   

I picked this first bracelet because it's inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  I think it's so gorgeous, and it's easy to match with most outfits I have.  The color scheme of black and silver is right up my alley, so I have a feeling I'll be wearing this bracelet quite often. 

I thought the color of these earrings was so pretty when I saw them online, loving the purple hues.  These will be the main focus of my look when I wear them, doing minimal, probably gold, jewelry for the rest of the look (i.e. some simple bangles, and a simple elegant ring).

PS: Slightly unrelated, but still important: my monthly Birchbox's are sent to my school address, which I clearly haven't been too in over a month, so I will do a post of all my Birchbox goodies when I get back to school next week! 


  1. Love the bracelet and the earrings. So elegant.


  2. Thanks! You should try JewelMint out, it really is fun and they have great choices!!

  3. love the bracelet! i should've gotten that instead of the earrings i got! i don't think i saw that bracelet anymore when i purchased the remember versailles earrings though.