Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Hooked On Carmella

When Benefit came out with their perfume line last year I was super excited to try all of the scents out.  I ended up getting a sample pack, with the first four fragrances for Christmas last year, and now that I'm almost out and wanting to buy more of two of them, I figured I'd talk about them a little bit!

Benefit is seriously expanding and becoming a mega cosmetic company.  Between their fragrance line, new and popular skincare line, and their cute and colorful packaging of their cosmetics, this company knows what's doing to attract a loyal audience. 


Benefit by far has the best packaging of products, ever.  Forget what the product does, you'll want everything they sell just because of the way it looks...very smart.  These little perfume samples are adorable and designed for the customer to only use the perfume on pulse points, which is where you should be placing perfume anyway.

The first one I tried was So Hooked on Carmella...it is my FAVORITE one and I'm about to purchase a full size bottle, or should I say, martini shaker since that's what it looks like!  I've gotten so many compliments when I wear this fragrance and I love that I can randomly lightly smell it on me throughout the day.  Also, it def lasts an entire day which is soooo good when going from work to class to out with friends.

I'm not sure how I would describe this scent because I think it has so many different elements to it.  It smells kinda sweet, but I think it smells super sexy at the same time.  Honestly, I don't care for "sweet" fragrances but because it's so balanced with a little spicy element it's perfect.  I think it's very warm, sophisticated, and feminine scent -- I don't think it's easy to balance all those elements without paying a pretty penny (ex. Chanel Chance) but Benefit has definetely succeeded.

If you want to try out all the Benefit perfumes I suggest purchasing their mini set with all four fragrances.  The current set out is called Crescent Row Limited Edition Perfume Set, I'm only familiar with two of the fragrances in that set -- so I'd be interested in hearing what they're like if anybody purchases it!  Otherwise, you can go to Sephora and they have testers of all the scents!

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