Monday, November 5, 2012

Holiday 2012 Beauty Gift Set Lust List

As I start creating my list for Santa, or in my house it's actually a sassy Ms. Claus, I know I'll be adding to my mile long list a ton of the holiday makeup sets that have now bombarded Sephora's and Blue Mercury's around the country. 

I love the holiday collections, my favorite part...the packaging...is always super cute...but besides that I love the themes each brand puts out, it's always really creative, and most of these sets are limited edition.  So, when the holidays are over, so are the sales of these sets!  

Here are some of my favorites I've seen in-store and online!  I know I won't get all of them, but it doesn't hurt to try...right?!  

Oh and duh, let me know what beauty and makeup items your lusting after this holiday season!!  

PS: You can find all of these on either sephora.com or bluemercury.com.  Added bonus: most of them ship free! 

PS x2: I know that my first item, the Bobbi Brown Twilight Eye Palette is from Fall 2012 and not something that's been just released for the holiday season, I just really want it for Christmas!! 

Holiday 2012 Palette Lust