Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm Backkkkk....Momentarily.

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around, since coming home to New Jersey I've been doing approx 48937584 things, none of them involving anything concrete [hence, no writing].  I've had a wonderful holiday season & I hope all of you have as well! 

I'm going to the Kanye West concert tonight at Revel in Atlantic City, so naturally my bedroom looks like a tornado mixed with a nor'easter and hurricane traveled through...in an effort to put together a Kanye-approved outfit. [I'm sitting in my bed as I write this, looking around at the huge mess I've made] 

Also, let's get real, we all know my girls and I are really just trying to spot Kim  K...in an audience of oh I don't know...thousands.  But, WHATEVER.

Anyway, I'll be back after New Years, I have some new ideas in the works, and a ton of events in D.C. coming up in January...so I'm super excited to get bloggin in 2013! YAY.



  1. Hey! I just started my blog up again after a long break. I was looking through some of your posts and noticed in your about me it says you're studying elementary education. I am going to be going to school for early childhood education! :) Just a fun little fact. How do you like that field? Happy New Year!

    1. I love love love the graduate program I'm in, I debated between elementary & early childhood, but ultimately I felt elementary would be better for me. Thanks for stopping by!! Happy New Year! xo