Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Link Love Tuesday

I've been coming across so many articles I want to share with you all!  Most of the time I put them on on my Facebook Page [please like if you haven't already!] but I don't want to overload that page too much- I know how annoying that can be!  So, here are some of the reads I've been loving lately, next week I plan on adding in some of my recent beauty/fashion YouTube finds!

My closet is my world, so I loved peeking into these fabulous ones!  I will have a closet like this one day, best believe!

What you may think is a little off, may be totally okay -- it's always better to know before you convince yourself you see something awful.  & when in doubt, always make an appt at the derm!

The 50 Best Beauty Blogs [Beauty High] 
This is from a few weeks ago, but I'm always looking for new beauty blogs to follow, so I was so happy to see Beauty High's picks for the best...& I can't say I disagree.
8 Easy, Healthy Egg Recipes [Fitness Magazine] 
Eggs on a Saturday or Sunday morning is the norm in my apartment -- so I'm always looking to change it up a bit so nobody gets bored of them!  Eggs are so healthy!
31 Perfect August Outfits [Lucky Magazine] 

 Who doesn't need a little end of summer inspiration? 

It's weird I saw this article because I've been thinking about getting a bar cart, I think they're super cute and overall are just good accent pieces (no matter what's on them).  I loved looking at these ideas! 

Sundresses are my weakness...these 10 choices under $60...even better!

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