Tuesday, October 15, 2013

MAC Fix+

It's so important to set your makeup before walking out the door everyday.  I'm a huge fan of MAC's Prep + Prime during the summer months, but as the weather changes I'll be needing some more hydration in my setting, so I switch to a spray, specifically MAC's Fix+.

This spray is SO refreshing and contains cucumber, camomile, and green tea.  The scent is Sugi [Japanese cedar], it's calming and lightweight, which is exactly what you need after applying a face full of makeup!

If you need hydration during the cold months, this delivers.  I wish they made a travel version because I would love to have this handy during the day when I'm in super dry heated buildings, but oh well!

[MAC Fix + $21]


  1. I was actually going to get this spray but then got the Urban Decay All Nighter instead, maybe next time I will try this one out.


    1. I have All Nighter too, it works great as well!! I love this product more for the hydrating aspects and the All Nighter for the setting part!

  2. hey girl,
    The do have fix+ in a travel size, its $10 on the website, they might have it instore.
    I use the UD setting spray, but i think i'll try this one next