Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Recipe Wednesday: Around the Web

Seeing as I'm super excited for a Friendsgiving Potluck this Saturday, I'm going through an endless amount of fall recipes to make for it!  Here are some of the yummy finds I've stumbled across this week...

Before you immediatly look away because of the words eggnog and milkshake together...JUST LET YOURSELF LIVE DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON.

 Brown Eyed Baker's Salted Caramel Apple Pie
I love apple pie, and I love salted caramel items, so just like the deliciousness above...JUST SAY YES.  Anyway, I've never made a pie before, I'm actually kinda nervous to make one, but I like this recipe so who knows, I might just try it out! 

Seeing as I have quite a lot of butternut squash in my kitchen, that I need to use up relatively soon, this recipe is a simple way to whip something up quickly using it up.  It looks healthy and delish...a perfect offset for the above two shares =] 

AH, this looks amazing.  I love potato-leek soup, so adding bacon, and basically serving that in gratin form, sounds right up my alley.

Have you found any delish recipes this week?!  There's so many options with the holidays coming up, I can't wait to be done with my grad classes so I can spend all my time in the kitchen! xo

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