Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday's Fab Five

This is my candle of the week, it's sweet but not gross sweet.  Did that even make sense?  I bought this candle a while ago, and I heard that they now make a 3-wick white wax version, as opposed to the orange, and I heard it sucks.  SO, aim to get either the small version that is still orange, or the mason jar candle which is also still orange.

I love the fall line of Essie polish, this is the first one of three that I have.  Check out my Instagram for a pic of it on my nails! It's a nice soft grey, perfect for fall, def check it out!

3. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread & Muffin Mix
I'm obsessed with this pumpkin bread, it's seriously amazingly delicious.  I add vanilla and cinnamon to the mix to create my own twist and it's wondrous...trust me.  ANDDD, I love anything that makes my apartment smell like a bakery.

4. The Body Shop's 'Warming Mineral Mask' 
I posted a review of this product on Monday.  I'm adding it to my Fab 5 list this week because it's on my face as I'm typing this, and I just love it that much!  Check out my review here!

5. Yankee Candle Sparkling Cinnamon Premium Reed Diffuser 
Yay for holiday fragrances!!  I have this in my closet and it's fabulous.  Sparkling Cinnamon is one of my favorite holiday scents from Yankee Candle, I love walking into my closet at 6am when I wake up and having this scent be the first thing to really wake me up.


  1. Yum, the bread and muffin mix sounds incredible! Really in the mood to do some baking lately so will have to get on the case.
    Love all the Christmassy-scented candles about at the moment, I'm currently burning Yankee Fireside Treats and Spiced Orange - both highly recommended from me!
    Mel x


    1. Def try the muffin mix!!

      I haven't used Fireside Treats, but Spiced Orange is great! xo